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ABI 3130 Automated Capillary DNA Sequencer
Condition :
Reconditioned with new capillary array
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DNA, RNA & Protein Equipment
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This  four-capillary instrument meets the needs of low-to-medium throughput laboratories.  The instruments is capable of processing a considerable number of samples in a fully automated 24-hour run

Key features

- Four capillaries

-  96 well plate configuration

- Automated polymer filing and sample injection from microplates

- Takes new ABI PRISM polymers like Pop7

- Multiple dye detection - 5 dye for SNaPShot Multiplex and Identifiler kits



- Capillary electrophoresis instrument

- Computer workstation for instrument control and data analysis

- Software for sample ID import, instrument control and data collection

- Sequence Analysis Software for basecalling

- GeneScan Analysis Software for fragment sizing, validation and screening


Capillary Arrays

The internally uncoated capillaries are supplied in pre-assembled arrays of four. The arrays are available in 22 cm, 36 cm, 50 cm, and 80 cm lengths to provide support for multiple applications and run methodologies. The capillary arrays are specified to last for 150 runs and are designed for use with industry standard 96- and 384-well microtiter plates.


Separation Matrix

The 3130 system can use either POP-4™ or POP-6™ or POP-7™ polymers (Performance Optimized Polymer) as the separation matrix. Before each run, the capillaries are automatically replenished with fresh polymer that dynamically coats the capillary wall to eliminate electro-osmotic flow. 



Applied Biosystems provides the following reagents for use on the 3100-Avant system:


- Sequencing Reagents

  BigDye® Terminator v 1.1 kit

  BigDye® Terminator v 3.1 kit

  dRhodamine Dye Terminator kit


- Fragment Analysis Reagents

  Linkage Mapping Set v 2.5

  SNaPshot® Multiplex Kit

  GeneScan™-400 HD size standard

  GeneScan™-500 size standards

  Application specific kits



- Sequence Collector Software (formerly BioLIMS® Software)

- GeneMapper ID® Software

- SeqScape™ Software

- SQL*GT™ Software


Sample Requirement

The 3100-Avant system can analyze many types of templates prepared by a variety of different sample preparation protocols. Samples are automatically injected directly from a single 96- or 384-well microtiter plate.



- Argon-ion multiple line, single mode laser primary excitation lines: 488 and 514,5 nm


Detection and optic

The 3130 Analyzer uses a single argon-ion laser to illuminate four capillaries in a planar array. The capillary outer diameter, inner diameter and pitch have been optimized to minimize loss of signal from refraction. The instrument uses dual side illumination to further improve signal uniformity. The light from array is collected by a spectrograph system with CCD camera detector.


Electrophoresis Voltage

- Up to 20 kV


Operating Temperature Range

- 18°C to 65°C



Width: 74 cm

Depth: 54.8 cm

Height. 81 cm

Weight: 130 kg

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